Store Inventory

Walgreens Adaptive Site

Enable users on  to search for products within a selected store.


Duration of Project

2 sprints (6 weeks) for initial design with ongoing additional sprints for updates.
Currently in production on Walgreens


The Ask

Users wanted to see products only at their local / selected store. We worked within the bounds of technical, store, and legal constraints to find a solution that met all the back end needs while delivering the best experience for the user. 


My Role

I was the primary UI designer, responsible for delivering visual comps to the development team.


Research + Discovery

I worked closely with the primary UX designer to perform competitive analysis, understand users' needs, and to determine user flow and logic. There were multiple scenarios across the site for the user to enter this flow and multiple user states that were possible. 


Wires and Comps

The UX designer and I created wireframes and comps simultaneously so that design challenges could be discovered and resolved sooner. We met with the associate creative director, UX lead, business analyst, product manager, and development lead 1-2 times per week and iterated based on feedback. All team members' feedback was taken into consideration to make decisions that best fit user, business, brand, and technical requirements. Also met with upper management to present a prototype and iterated again based on feedback. 



Prototype was presented to upper management. 



See Walgreens website. Search for any product then click on "In Stores"



QA testing during development.