Duration of Project

2 sprints (6 weeks) for initial design with ongoing additional sprints for updates.

Currently in production on Walgreens


The Ask

Restructure the Store Locator Details page template for users to find information more easily about a store's services.


My role

I was the primary UI designer, responsible for delivering visual comps to the development team.


Research + Discovery

I worked closely with the primary UX designer to perform competitive analysis, understand users' needs, and understand business requirements. This template would be used across all 8,000+ stores and had to be adaptable to all the variances of each store.


Wires and Comps


We moved forward with a card style layout for the store services (Pharmacy, Clinic, Photo, Shop) keeping in mind that a store could have any combination of those services and that additional services would be added at a later date.



QA Testing



  • Store alerts
  • Additional services
  • Store Inventory