About Mona


I am a visual designer, photographer and yoga teacher based in Chicago. I bring passion and practicality to all my work to live a life filled with intention and purpose.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, starting out with just a simple pencil and paper and moving into other mediums such as painting as my education progressed. In high school, I began to learn about design and decided to pursue a career in the arts. Today, I am a graduate of School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied visual communication design and photography. 

I am a User Interface Designer and am always looking to learn more about UX design, information architecture, design research and strategy. 

My photography encompasses weddings, events, and portraits.

Outside of work, I appreciate smart design in everyday things and love to photograph architecture and spaces, paying close attention to geometry, shapes, and line. I can often be found practicing yoga, trying new foods, learning, or squealing over cute baby animals.