Product List by Category

Walgreens Adaptive Site

Customization of Tier 3 categories on product listing pages.

PLP Lift Chairs 1200px.png

Duration of Project

One sprint (3 weeks) for research and discovery.
One to two sprints for wires and comps for each category.
Additional sprints for QA testing and A/B testing.


The Ask

Display product list page templates dependent on the category that a user is browsing.


My Role

I was the primary UI designer, responsible for delivering visual comps to the development team.


Research + Discovery

I worked closely with the primary UX designer to perform competitive analysis and understand users' needs.  When users are browsing for cosmetics, they are looking for a different set of information than if they were browsing for lift chairs or vitamins. We analyzed each tier 3 category to determine which should receive a customized product card template. We narrowed it down to three categories: Beauty, High Price Point (lift chairs, scooters, etc), and High Involvement (vitamins, supplements, etc). 


Wires and Comps


  • Grid view
  • One version without CTA buttons
  • One version where CTA buttons were hidden.

High Price Point (lift chairs, scooters, etc.):

  • List view
  • Added product features
  • Removed the CTA buttons

High Involvement (vitamins, supplements, etc):

  • List view
  • Added product features



A challenge for our website was the amount of information that was required on the product cards. We minimized the amount of information displayed where possible by removing any information that was not relevant to the category.


Implementation and Testing

  • QA Testing during development
  • A/B/C tested the Beauty templates
  • A/B tested the High Price Point templates
  • A/B tested the High Involvement templates